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Arnold again


One of the world's greatest bodybuilders was Steve Reeves. Aside from his classic proportions, he had incredible arms. One of Reeves' favorite biceps exercises was the inclined curl with dumbbells. Arnold used this exercise early in his career. But he realized he wasn't getting the same results Reeves was. He experimented and discovered a simple trick that changed the whole exercise for him. Arnold held his elbows slightly forward and thus kept the weights from merely swinging upward as I curled. Now instead of letting the front deltoid help, I restricted the work to my biceps. The difference was unbelievable. Almost immediately Arnold noticed a new peak to his biceps. Assume the position slowly in the first photograph and curl the dumbbells slowly up to the finished position. Remember, if you feel your deltoid doing the lifting you are doing it wrong Isolate if for your biceps.

NOTE: One thing about the biceps, you need to relax them completely between repetitions. Stand with your arms limp, and the outside of your hands turned toward the thighs. This gives the blood a chance to flow freely through the biceps. In fact, some of the top competitors of the time had moved to Venice just to train in what seemed to be the ultimate bodybuilding environment. Guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbo, Robbie Robinson, Ed Corny, and many other bodybuilding greats could all be found training at Gold's, eating at one of the local restaurants, or lounging on Venice Beach. Talk about creating the right environment for success!

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